Kristin Stephens
As a child, I delighted in building houses and neighborhoods out of Legos and later drawing flat outlines of those same houses onto paper. The majority of my work over the past decade has aimed to capture a sense of place and architecture through painting, collage, printmaking, and installation.

In 2011, I created a series titled, Behind the Scenes, in which I photographed images of life "behind the scenes" after exploring the alleyways in my neighborhood in D.C. I printed the images on photo paper, cut them up, and arranged them in different ways. The images were combined with acrylic paint, handmade paper, and painted Bristol paper. The idea of cutting the images into smaller pieces related to how I played with Legos as a child.

This theme of place continued when I attended the Vermont Studio Center the following year and created two large installations. The installations, Bridge and Migration, represent two architectural structures in Johnson, Vermont.

In 2014, I created another series titled, Go Your Own Way, in which I explored the theme of place through the design and aesthetic of road and subway maps of places where I have resided. Line, pattern, and bright colors were used to express the intertwining of pipes, roads, and other architectural elements. I zoom into an image of a map or photograph abstracting or simplifying the subject matter, colors, and shapes.

I am currently working on a new series of works, which have yet to be posted. They will be similar to the Behind the Scenes series done in Washington, D.C. The difference is that these works use images of downtown Macon, GA. Stay tuned and check back often.